24 October 2011


Shoot Type: Studio Portraiture

Todays assignment was to create some "family portraits of the kids" for a customer, in the studio. To be honest, I often struggle with the "creative" side of these types of shoots because it's all to easy to fall back on familiar setups, which in turn produce familiar results -- but I think it's also important to balance that with the knowledge that although these may be "same old / same old" for us photographers to shoot, they're none-the-less personal and unique to the people they're being created for, which I think is even more important.

For this first shot, I've placed Shannon over a light table (it's a table with an opaque acrylic top, with a studio strobe & softbox mounted below) (it gives some beautiful and soft under-lighting), but balanced with a large octabox to camera left, a hair light to camera right, and a kicker light with grid also to camera right (behind the subject), to give a nice accent light.

This 2nd shot is more conventional, with large octabox to camera left, 2x 1.2m x 2.4m polystyrene "V Blocks" to camera right (for fill light) - Hair Light to camera right (beauty dish with grid and diffuser), and background illuminated by 2 additional studio strobes.

Until next time! ...

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